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Sunday, February 4, 2007

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Why This Blog?
Has monotony taken over the pleasure to cook "something a little bit different" for yourself? Do you feel anxious at the idea of having company at your table? Then Cooking Recipes by Everaert Patrice is an indispensable tool for you.

From the refined dish, quikly prepared, to your everyday meal, to a large reception,
Cooking Recipes by Everaert Patrice is your principal aid. You will find a very complete section on finger foods and appetizers and also many suggestions for hot and cold entrées that will create an appetite for your guests.

We`re even going to explain you how to bake and there`s no reason to hesitate to put your fingers in the dough!

As for the cakes and delicious treats that will finish your meal beautifully, they occupy a place of honour here.

The many pictures that make Cooking Recipes by Everaert Patrice enjoyable will not only make your mouth water. Their purpose is also to help you with the making and presentation of the dishes and to facilitate the comprehension of certain cooking techniques.

Supported by clear and complete text, the many photos of techniques explain recipes simply, and enable you to succeed in making delicious dishes.

Me, Everaert Patrice, the author of
Cooking Recipes by Everaert Patrice have maintained, in a practical and efficient way "the art of the table". For years to come we are going to provide you of sensitive to exotic influences by changing nutritional values to refine traditional dishes and create a cuisine that is original and modern.


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